What We Do


Are you a newly set up travel business looking for an ATOL consultant to help with guidance on ATOL regulatory matters?

Perhaps you want to find out about the Small Business ATOL(SBA)?

The rules and regulations pertaining to a SBA have changed. Applicants for a SBA are now
required to be financially assessed. We can help to ensure a smooth progression through the labyrinthine process.

Are you an established travel business thinking of maximising your buying power by the addition of a full or standard ATOL? Are you ready for ABTA Membership?

Do the ATOL rules and regulations baffle and bewilder you? You are not alone.

As ATOL specialists we can help by offering advice and guidance on ATOL licensing, preparation of all documentation and advice on bonding and finance prior to the submission of your application to the Civil Aviation Authority. We can also help with applications for ABTA Membership.

Perhaps you would just like an informal chat about the licensing system and what your ATOL options might be?

Whatever your requirements, Sam Mckee ATOL Consultancy can help.